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How it all Began Chapter 3: Meeting a friend
Hatsune looked up at the ceiling and thinking about what had happened yesterday, she didn't know what to think at all and decided to avoid Haruki and stay away from her for today in fear that she may get killed because of Haru herself.
“God…….I i wish Rock Or Hana was here right now….. Or Ren and Stella so I could tell them about all of this” she said while putting her hands on her face and crying a bit. Miku got up and goes downstairs where she made some tea and looks around.
“ So quiet in here…….. All to quiet “ Hatsune thought to herself while looking around her house till eventually her tea finishes and goes sit down on the couch of hers near the tv.
Miku sits back relaxs  and has a  memory of meeting Hana and how the two of them became friends in the coming months of their very first meeting along with some other things that have happend during there meeting.
Miku was walking home from school and with a lot of
:iconjapaneseblossom19:Japaneseblossom19 1 11
Unity without Time chapter 6
  Ruko and Lily got out of the car and arrived at the mansion of their friend, they make a quick view of the place and saw there was a beautiful garden and the grass was clean and neat, there was also a water fountain in the middle of the front entrance to the place along with that the mansion had some windows some big some small from where they were looking.
“How does someone like Hana get a mansion this big?” Lily asked confused as they walk towards the entrance while Ruko wondered the same thing in his mind, they were suspicious about all of this and along with hearing from Hana after 7 months.As they made there way to the entrance, Both Yokune and Lilly stops from where they are at and saw  a unknown woman hugging Hanako who they had never seen before and then watch as she leaves and drives off.
There attention then  goes to Hanako who had a rather nervous and edgy expression when she saw the both of them but later changes into a rather happy jo
:iconjapaneseblossom19:Japaneseblossom19 3 5
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Tragic Evil People ocs
Name: Zack Hale Garrett 

Alias:   Artemis, Coyote, Jackal, Fox, Crow,Napier,

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Unkown

Age: ??? possibly early to mid 20s

Birthdate: October

Birthplace: California

Alignment: Neutral

Affiliation:  UNKOWN

Occupation: Freelance, Watcher

Figure: Fit and Tall

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 137 ibs

Skin tone:  Light Skin

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Features: Gray headband, Tattoo of Joan of Arc on his back, 

Personality: Zack Has a rather wry sense of humor and is at times unflappable when trouble or distress is near or close to him often, some sarcasm and cynical scorn and a tendency to make dark disturbing jokes is used sometimes in his speeches when talking to people he knows,Zack also can be very competitive if challenged to something that many people believe that he cannot be able to do. He doesnt show a lot of polite and kindness at times and its hard to tell weather he is good or evil,He is also gets very impatient or agiated should his time be wasted or messed with which leads to some points trouble, although he may not be pure evil he does have a very distrubing side when things get more dangerous and thrilling and shows signs of mental instability enjoying such things that no normal person would enjoy such as havoc,madness, to  people fighting and killing one another with him  stating that its rather "satsfying and Fun". Despiste this he does have little morals and limits on a certain degree but has little concern for the consequences that it will have regardless as long as it will get things done, his way of thinking and solving assignments is quite different than everybody else prefering to use methods that are non lethal and killing any witnesses with no hestiation or thinking.

Special items:

Weapons:  Two Hook swords, Hatchet,
Fire arms: combat shotgun, Glock 19,

  • Not backing down from fights
  • Piloting
  • Acting
  • Murdering and torture

  • Tracking
  • Advance Senses 
  • blending in
  • Stalking
  • strong willpower
  • Stealing

  •  Lacking empathy and remorse at times 
  • Being uncaring
  • Unkown illness that tends to cause him to have violent mood swings
  • Using Bikes

Backstory: Zack is a mysterious individual whose name and where he is from is unknown. almost nothing is known about him family, friends, associations are all a mystery to the people and public that even the police can't find any idea, the only thing details that are known about him is that he was born and raised in california and that he is currently after something to which nobody knows what it is at all. He often travels around looking for work but not the honest type of ones but more the dangerous type  ranging from being a interrogator, to even being a possible serial killer narcisst some say thus people question who's side is he on or wh

Childhood: No info of his past is ever known only very scarce and little bits of pieces, he was abaonded by his parents as a baby on the side of a road and later eventually found by authority's and taken to a orhange and adopted.

Adolescence: Hale led a conflicted and troubled childhood, when he was around the ages from 6 to 8  he was left to die by the people who were suppose to take care of him till he killed them in cold blood and cut off there heads and eyes,He was  found by a officer who saw Hale covered in blood and holding the disambered head of both his adopted parents and walking, Taken to a asylum and deemed insane he was treated with the uttermost disrespect and called a savage a mindless fool and a monster but these didnt botherd him but only got annoyed with the doctors therapy sessions and the "medicine" they keep giving him which often made him feel weak and numb, it wasnt until 2 weeks later that a strange looking man with a rather scary glasgow smile kidnapped him and takes him being rather fascinated with the behavior and how he wasnt "normal" than the others kids. Later on it was found out that the man who kidnapped and took him was a serial killer named Albert Cross a man who is responsible for the murders of 66 men and women all who were murdered very vicosuly and in cold blood. Cross taught the young boy the art of murder and how to be more professional about it from hiding the body or cutting and dismbering them in pieces so they cannot be identified so easily, to even burying the victims alive, the scariest part of all is that Zack Hale enjoyed it and doesnt have one problem with it. Some years has passed since then and he has come out of hiding and been taking on jobs since then  no matter the danger or cost just the only thing that he wants it the reward and will even kill anybody to just get it.


Parents: Biological: Never met them and doesnt know a thing about them

            Adopted parents: Jacky Victor , ana Victor (Both Decreased), Albert cross "Adopted father" (Missing)

Siblings: None and doesnt know if he has a single living sibling at all 

Children: none doesnt want to have kids.

Friends:  Clarice  "Boss" , Jun seong "informant", Todd Halbert "Partner",

Allies: Bryan Edwards.

Rivals: Ema Valentino,  Joshua.

Enemies:  Black Rock Shooter, Ruko Yokune, Una Nash, Stella Gibson, Heather Walker, Accel.

Pets: none

Interests: Thrills, War, Finding some fun, Taking advantage of any people and situation, seeing some trouble being stirtted, violence

  • Here I thought this would be sastifying turns out i Was wrong"
  • "Not my problem and not my  bussiness"
  • "Sometimes a few lives are needed for me to pursue my goal even if they are good people.
  • "I dont care much about it the only thing that my love "
  • "Test me and see how much pain you will be expereinceing in my hand"
  • "Lovely but your to annoying"

  •  Responsible for numerous unsolved murders
  •  Strangely wears a headband
  • Has a dark presence when approached    
  • Rumored to have been involved in Human trafficking operations
  • Once hurted a mother infront of her kids for interogattion      

Name: Sibyl Midnight Amaro

Alias:  Midnight, The exiled One, Dark Rose, Dark Hound, The ageless, Wicked princess, Last Gambit,Yuila, The souless 

Species: Human but in reality is just a experiment created 

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Pannsexual

Age: 126

Birthdate: August 30 1890

Birthplace: Cyprus

Alignment: Unkown

Affiliation: None

Occupation: Freelance



Weight: 156

Distinguishing Features: Her gray eyes, White Fox Mask

Personality: Sibyl is a distant and withdrawn girl who never shows any of her emotions at all  either because of suppresing them or because she lacks in expressing them, being only a  expermient and replacement for Lucien and Cecile's daughter the only person who loved her very much was her father unlike her mom who saw Sibyl as a abomination and considered her just a nobody. She is very Timid of speaking / hestiant in  talking as she was often yelled at by her luccile for asking her questions or being called stupid and a idiot along with being hitted. Sibyl is very Borderline Sucidal and often thinking about suicide in her head believing that her life isnt worth living for due to only being a creation and not a real human only beng created to replace the former daughter who died long ago. Her mental state mostly consist of a child as she still acts and believe's she is one even though she has grown up as such Amaro still loves and does things children do like play with dolls and do dressup but it does change from time to time.She is very senstive and hates being called stupid and a idiot which sometimes her teamates which tends to lead to a very anger rage often getting to bad consequences. The only weapons she is good at is a knife and meat cleaver all which are her tradiational favorite weapons, she is very happy and cheerful but wishes the person who took her in could let her go outside, but the people there treat as though she was a kid and often require her help.


Special items:

Firearm weapons:


  • Deception
  • Crafting
  • intimidate
  • Chemistry
  • woodcraft

Magic/Special Abilities:

  • Ability to Sense someones presence
  • Not feel Pain


  • Running
  • walking
  • Science
  • Writing
  • Reading


  • ADHD
  • Lack of Technology education
  • Driving
  • Computers
  • Getting very agitated


  • Childhood: Sibyl life was filled with some ups but mostly more downs, no friends and added with the fact that she was isolated from the rest of the world and no freedom, this was because her father would not let her at all due to reasons unkown to her. Isolation and no other people to talk took a heavy toll on the young sibyl along with the her mother cecile neglecting and hating her, the only people she confided to was her stuff animals and books and would mostly stay in her room, In 1896 Cecile was found dead apparently from falling down the stairs and with her neck cracked and the only person who was there was Sibyl herself who emotionlessly was rubbing her moms hair and brushing it and her head on her lap acting like things were normal, Lucien fell into a deep depression and after losing both his daughter and now wife went to drinking to escape and forget the pain and all the loneliness but nothing could fix it and the drinking only made it more worse. There were times were Lucien would play "games" with the young Sibyl and took advantage of her in any possible way, it gotten even worse to a point where he played "Dressup" with her at some nights and even before bed as well. On the morning of September 24 however his body was found in a river naked with his stomach wide opened and heart missing along with several organ body parts and not only that but there was rope marks on his neck suggesting that he had he been strangled and not drowned. When authoritys went to go check his home for clues  everything inside was ransacked and a mess along with a message on the wall written in blood that said "BROKEN". Sibyl whereabouts from that point was never known as the public did not know about her existence or neither the underground lab of Lucien's they found.

  • Adolescence: Nothing

  • Adulthood: She came back and this time working with a orginization who's leader took her in at some point, she saw very weird machinery and weird clothing and equimpment she never seen but regardless Sibyl was given her own room and chemistry lab, the only thing that amaro wasnt allowed to do is to leave and head outside and help out, she made a friend who got along with her very quickly,Dahila was the name and they found a strong connection with the two of them thus leading to a bond that couldnt be at all broken.Dahila taught her many things including how to dye her hair which lead her choosing teal. Sibyl then made another friend name neriisa who taught her how to make people "sleep" which helped when bad people tryed to hurt her and call her mean names this helped her with A bully Nicole who was often messing with Sibyl and taking advantage in any way she can with her like how Lucien did. Nicole was buried alive in a wodden coffin 12 feet in the sand unoticed. Thanks to Lucien teaching her some chemistry and with his research documents she has helped the orginzation create poisons and other equimpment for the people so long as she becomes obident and obey's them.


  • Parents: Lucien "father/creator" (Decreased),  Cécile "mother" (Decreased)

  • Siblings: None

  • Children: Victora "adopted and her companion"

  • Relatives: All decreased

  • Partner: None "Wishes to find someone to love and start a family with"

  • Familiar:

  • Mentors:Anthea Gilbert" Mentor in theiving", Zalika Chevliar "mentor in Sword fighting", sagarra Teresa "Mentor in Charming"

  • Friends: Dahlia "Best friend",Nerissa "Best friend".

  • Allies:Zack Hale Garret "Teamate"

  • Rivals:

  • Enemies:Nicole Lupino (Buried her alive),


Interests: Having a Family of her own, Wishes to be killed by someone


  • "Stupid Mistake I made "
  • "I cant feel anything w why?"
  • "Im sorry you did not die so gently"
  • "what is this thing?"
  • "I only feel  emptyness"
  • "i dont feel anything"
  • "Why is there the color red coming out of you?"
  • "He must be sleeping hope he wakes up"
  • " Head h urts.. can.'t. think straight"
  • "MEANY!"

  • Strongly implied to have been Raped and Sexually assualted by Lucien and even abused
  • Unbalanced Mind
  • Very bad in Technology
  • never gotten these issues solved
  • Spends more Time with her companion And her dolls that she has had as a kid Seeing them as her "friends" though she does spend time with
  • Has the mentatlity and brain of a child around 10 to 12 years old 
  • Hates being called a idiot
  • Hates being left behind
  • She doesnt remeber where she got the Fox Mask


Journal History

I've been tagged by :iconanna-jacqueline: and I have  to share 8 random facts about  one of my and I choose Oc Kikuko Nagisa

8 Facts about Kikuko Nagisa 

1. She has a social Anxiety Disordered and Obsessive Compulsive disorder

2. For her first name she is named after a Japanese voice actress I know of :).

3. She prefers staying at home more

4. She plays the violin a lot in her room

5. Wishes to become a Manga Artist when she grows up

6. Has a fear of the outside world and tall people and strangers only trusting her mom and grandparent Yasha and Her older sisters along with her aunt Amaya.

7. Talks very little often using her notebook to speak or use texting as a way to communicate

8. Loves wearing mask that cover her mouth mostly because she wants to wear one like her moms

Ill tag these lovely people

:iconlightmeteorzx:  :iconloxydragonvich109:  :iconcakurinaa:   :iconrenvortex:  :iconmqytiff: :iconmizuki2108:  


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